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Learosa & Otisana Set

Learosa & Otisana Set

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If our four-legged friends don't smell so good, have romped around or rolled in the dirt, then it's high time for grooming. Shower in the bottle.

With our Learosa & Otisana set, your fur nose will smell like it has just been showered again, without just covering up the smell. Try it out and see our great products for yourself.

The new perfume bottles for your four-legged friend, which we like to compare to a "shower in the bottle".


Fragance Color, essential oils, alcohol, water

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Customer Reviews

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Marion H.
Fresh smell for my darling

I immediately ordered the Learosa&Otisana set for my Pupsi. The little one needs a change from time to time. And the price of both is much cheaper than 1 bottle. Everything done correctly,

Learosa & Otisana Set

We had already tried a lot of shampoos and food to stink our Leo, but he kept smelling. Have been using the Learosa & Otisana set for 1 week now and it has gotten much better. The whole room no longer stinks of dogs, only if you hold your nose to the fur you notice a slight smell. We're excited to see how it will turn out if we use it longer.

Shiny and supple fur with a fresh scent

Thanks to this set I save myself the time and effort of an extensive bath for my darling. Since I work, this is a great solution every now and then. Not only does it smell good, the fur has a special shine and is very supple.

Wonderful scent

What don't you do for the little rascal.....the kit is awesome and everyone want to touch him and cuddle with him.....but be careful, only mum is allowed to do that...laugh !

For beautiful and shiny coat

Our Yola has such a shiny, fragrant Fell since we started using the Perfume Set! Great idea for our darling!