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Learosa perfume

Learosa perfume

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If our four-legged friends don't smell so good, have romped around or rolled in the dirt, then it's high time for grooming. Shower in the bottle.

With our Learosa perfume, your fur nose will smell like it has just been showered again, without just covering up the smell. Try it out and see our great products for yourself.

The new perfume bottles for your four-legged friend, which we like to compare to a "shower in the bottle".


Fragance Color, essential oils, alcohol, water

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Customer Reviews

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Leon A.
Smells great, highly recommended!!

Our pug Käthe is our sunshine. She comes to cuddle, cuddle and give kisses, so cute, only the smell of the dog is always a bit disturbing. We have been using Learosa freshness shower for 4 weeks now and are thrilled. Simply brilliant. Exchanging tenderness is fun again.

Learosa Parfum

Unfortunately, my Joe is ill and that's also the reason why she doesn't smell very good, bathing is always a concern for her because she might catch a cold and that is not exactly conducive to her illness. I searched for a long time until I found your product. Now she smells better and I think she likes the scent too and feels more comfortable.

Very pleasant scent for our bitch

We have an American Stafford girl Dana. For some people she is a dangerous dog because of her looks. Since she still smells bad despite intensive care, we tried Learosa. Finally she smells. The scent also makes them more attractive to strangers......

Roman B.
Fresh smell, especially after a walk in the rain

When I go out in the rain with our fat boy and come home, it stinks perhaps. Rub dry and Learosa on it. Done.

Regina M.
I like it very much

Not only my Tommy (cat) smells good, I also tried the scent on myself. Not bad!