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Mascosana turmeric powder 200 gr and spice jar

Mascosana turmeric powder 200 gr and spice jar

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We recommend the fantastic Mascosana turmeric powder of the highest quality for the production of the "golden paste". What is the golden paste? What sounds so wonderful also has many advantages.

The name comes from the color: turmeric gives this paste this intense yellow color.

The active ingredient is called curcumin (curcumin) and is found in numerous studies (according to "the doggy telegraph" there have been over 3000 studies to date that have dealt with the cancer-healing effect of curcumin.) That this - regardless of the type of cancer – can prevent progression of mutation of cancer cells & metastasis. It is also said to strengthen the immune system.


Other positive effects attributed to curcumin found in turmeric:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibiotic & antiviral
  • Pain reliever - especially for joint pain
  • Used to relieve allergies
  • Positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. helpful in chronic intestinal inflammation, colitis or flatulence & feeling of fullness

However, the organism can hardly absorb and utilize the pure curcumin at all. That's why that Golden Paste is made, so you can get the best effect.



  • approx. 250ml water
  • 60g turmeric
  • 70ml Mascosana cold-pressed coconut oil,
  • 2-3 teaspoonsfreshly ground black pepper


1/2 teaspoon (weight up to 25 kg)

1 teaspoon daily (weight 50 pounds and over)

More information

Packaging Net Weight : 200 grams + spice jar black

Application For cooking

Origin Original Tumeric Powder from Thailand best quality

Side effects No known allergic reactions

Ingredients 100% Pure Tumeric Turmeric Powder

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Good quality

The powder is still difficult to get in retail, I got it from you for the first time ordered because I liked the site so much. I am enthusiastic about the quality and the processing. I've seldom gotten the powder as pure as you did. Please keep the quality. The price is also very good for me.

Natural product for my dogs

I have two dogs that occasionally suffer from diarrhea or vomiting. I usually go to the vet, who gave the dogs an antibiotic injection and that was mostly the end of it. For some time I've been helping myself with turmeric powder and honey. I mix 1 heaping teaspoon of powder with honey and the dogs love to lick it off the spoon. I get 4 spoons from a honey portion jar. One a day for the doggies and then storage in the fridge of course >

Mascosana turmeric powder

My Oskar gets the product as an anti-inflammatory for cancer. We have had very good experiences so far.

Very good for digestive problems

I know turmeric in combination with honey, black pepper and coconut oil to strengthen the immune system in humans as "golden paste." Now my dog ​​had digestive problems and I ordered him the powder from Mascosana because it's 100% pure Tumeric, and you can't give everything, he tolerated it well and is now symptom-free.


Thank you for a perfect telephone consultation.And a perfect service !