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Mascosana MicPip - puppy trainer

Mascosana MicPip - puppy trainer

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The training of a puppy is the be-all and end-all in the future relationship between dog and master.

Especially in the first few weeks it's noticeable, you've just come from the walk, but everything was so interesting for the little fur nose that it didn't even occur to the idea of ​​emptying the bladder. When you get home, the accident happens.

That should be the end of it now. Simply dribble the Mascosana MicPip onto the spot you want your pup to relieve itself on. This can be newspaper or a box. You'll see, in no time the puppy will know where to go when it HAS to.

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Packaging 80ml

Application Drip onto newspaper or special pads

Origin Thailand

Note Please avoid eye contact


Isoctane, Sodium benzoate, Propylene glycol, Purifield Water

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
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My little pit bull shit pees and pees and pees. I didn't know he had to pee that much. man, this is work. I tried Micpip, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Marianne C.

Yeah, Flocke got it, thanks Micpip!!

Angelika C.
Good solution

My little moth always has to be clear after waking up quickly outside. But sometimes I'm not in the same room right away and whoops, it happened there too. Luckily there was Micpip. Now she has learned that where it smells like Micpip, I can also pee.

Hildegard S.
Mascosana MicPip

Our Lucy is already 1.5 years old. But she keeps peeing on my expensive carpets. I thought to myself, there must be something that she finally learns. Micpip dribbled on scraps of fabric, placed in the direction of the terrace to show her the way to the garden. Then another on the terrace in the direction of the garden. It worked.

Hans S.

My children gave me a golden retriever puppy after my wife died. He's golden. Unfortunately, I'm handicapped and can't always react quickly enough to go outside with Max. So I ordered Micpip and that way it can also come loose in the house if I can't move around easily.